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Some of the Question and Answers may vary. This is because of the opinions of different 'Fiqh' (School of thoughts) of Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi and Imam Hanbali.

Some of these Quiz Topic requires 'Passcode' to play. To obtain the 'Passcode', the user must play the topic with or without a passcode and get certain percentage to go to the next level or topic. Once passcode known, you can play that particular topic any time! Play and Enjoy...

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Islamic Quiz Miscellaneous 1
Islamic Quiz Historical Places
Islamic Quiz Tajweed


Islamic Quiz Miscellaneous 2
Islamic Quiz Qur'an
Islamic Quiz Salah


Islamic Quiz Guess The Prophet?
Islamic Quiz - The World of Jinn and its Secrets
Islamic Quiz Marriage and Divorce


Islamic Quiz Miscellaneous 3
Islamic Quiz Charity
Islamic Quiz Angels In Islam


BELOW Topics Coming Soon Near Future...

Islamic Quiz Month of Ramadhan
Islamic Quiz Paradise and Hell
Islamic Quiz DNA


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