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Islamic Quiz This version of game has 363 essential Questions and Answers. Our aim is once you have mastered all the topic, it will help you to increase in knowledge and better understanding of Islam... Play and Enjoy!
Reflex & Visions Tester Test your Response time! and Visions by colours. Play the game and sharpen your reflexes. It calculates how fast you can react to a block that changes color.
  Hit the Dots!Test your skills. How many Dots in a circle can you find and Hit by clicking with the cursor in 40 seconds?
3 N and I - Human vs ComputerSharpen your mind and strategy by playing this game. This game is for all age and exciting to play.
  Think of a Number!Sharpen your mind from tricks and confusion by playing this game. Need to know basic Maths. Very interesting / exciting to play.   Typing TestThis Typing Test game will generate random set of words and then you will have to type them as fast as you can without making any mistakes.
Islamic Jigsaw PuzzleComing Soon...

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More New Games Coming Soon... Please do come again. Jazakumullah Khair.