In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


The man who will have one good deed short.

There will be a man, when his good and bad deeds will be weighed, he will have a good deed less for going to Heaven. The Angel will say to him, "Go and get a good deed from someone, then you can go to Heaven, otherwise you will go to Hell." This person will go to his mother and ask her for a good deed. His mother will say, "I don't even know you." Like this, he will go to all his family and they will all say that they don't know him and he will not get a good deed from them. He will go around Mahshar asking for a good deed. He will come across a man. He will ask him for a good deed. He will say, "In my life-time I have only done one good deed, the rest I have done are all bad deeds. I know I will not be going to Heaven with one good deed. You take it." The man will take the good deed and come back to the scale. He will say, "I have a good deed." The Angel will put the good deed on the scale and his good deeds will become more. The man will become happy. Allah will order the man to bring the man who sacrificed his good deed for the other man. When that man will come, Allah will say to him, "You had one good deed and you sacrificed it to another man. As a show of my Mercy, you will go to Heaven with him as well."


Allah subhan wata'ala knows best.


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A man who will have one good deed short

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